Ranking the top-rated roguelite PC video games released in past few years; these are highest-rated Windows, Mac or Linux games with procedurally-generated game levels. Support this channel by getting these games through the Amazon affiliate links below:

* Crypt of the NecroDancer https://goo.gl/cgcv9X
* Don’t Starve https://goo.gl/hcei6m
* Enter the Gungeon https://goo.gl/J4w1rM
* FTL: Faster Than Light https://goo.gl/1yktVs
* Hand of Fate https://goo.gl/EmQYzk
* Invisible, Inc. https://goo.gl/rZfDoV
* Nuclear Throne https://goo.gl/3dVM9G
* Rogue Legacy https://goo.gl/gDSk1p
* Spelunky https://goo.gl/WUgwYZ
* The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth https://goo.gl/zMDpJG

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