PSVR Games Today: Guard the Register From Evil Fruit on Shooty Fruity, 15+ Hour RPG Solus Project, a Dedicated VR Trailer from GT Sport, & Dreams PSVR News.

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Solus Project
• 15+ hour
• Survival Exploration Games
• Set on Distant Planet
• Find the secrets buried below
• September 18
Shooty Fruity
• Job Sim Meets Shooting Range
• Later This Year
GT Sport
• Racing in VR Trailer
• Video:
PSX 2017
• New Trailer & Details
• Early Bird Tickets Now Available
• Rolling Stone Article
• Peole love the VR build
To The Top
• VR Climbing Game
• Will be Coming to PSVR
• No Dates Yet
• Want To Perfect PC
Ancient Amuletor
• 33% on EU Store
Ask Frank
• Kayla Wescott
o How do I watch IT on my PSVR?
• Matt Hudson
o What software for editing?
• Steve Gr
o Crouch and move controller won’t reach?

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