Creepiest Gaming Theories:

10 Creepiest Gaming Theories That Are Truer Than You Think. These creepy theories and easter eggs will haunt your dreams. Will you ever look at these games the same way?

Creepiest terrifying theories base games have cultivated a kind of mythos with them. Sometimes there are vague and misleading circumstances which reveal something truly terrifying or perhaps there was something the developers left in there intentionally.

This is TheGamer’s list of 10 Creepiest Gaming Theories That Are Truer Than You Think.


Which is the terrifying theory of gaming?
What theory in video games do you want to actually be true?

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How does a theory in a video game begin? Is a part of a story left out or left up to the player’s interpretation? Perhaps a certain Easter Egg gets a conversation going or maybe there’s just such a rich community talking about this and the collective imagination surrounding a topic is enough to get a theory going. Whatever the case may be, theories are one of the core tenants of any fandom. You find them everywhere in movies, books, anime, cartoons and all sorts of media, and video games are certainly no exception.

Why do we make theories in the first place? This is another interesting debate that could spawn, oddly enough, some convincing theories. In any case, fans always want the story to continue, whether it’s to add another layer to the game or to look at the game through another lens. In the same vein, players and fans of a particular franchise might try and make the game a little…darker.

These theories go from the obscure to the downright ridiculous. However, every now and again, there will be a theory so convincing, it might be true. Today, we are going to be looking at 10 of the most terrifying and convincing video game theories ever! Turn out the lights and get ready to lose some sleep tonight.

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