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It’s safe to say that Star Wars is likely the most popular film series of all time. Not only have the official chapters and growing number of offshoots brought in billions of dollars, they’ve captivated hundreds of millions the world over with classic stories of good triumphing over evil. But it takes a lot of money, time, and effort to put a Star Wars movie together, which means once in awhile someone’s going to blow a take. For example…

Super blooper | 0:24
Man vs. Sword: Round 1 | 0:54
Tongue-tied Tarkin | 1:19
Man vs. Sword: Round 2 | 1:48
Stuck stormtroopers | 2:13
Droid down | 2:38
Let it go | 3:11
Obi-Whine Kenobi | 3:40
Remember lines he cannot | 4:10

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