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Spider-Man: Homecoming stars the third live-action Spider-Man since 2002, and that barely even begins to scratch the surface of how many Spider-Men have appeared onscreen over the years. So how do they stack up? Here’s a look at the major versions of Spider-Man from TV and movies—and the actors who played them—ranked from worst to best…

’70s Live Action Spider-Man | 0:25
Spider-Man Unlimited | 0:57
’60s Animated Spider-Man | 1:29
1981 Animated Spider-Man | 2:09
The Electric Company | 2:51
Spider-Man: The New Animated Series | 3:24
Japanese Spider-Man | 3:49
2000s Spider-Man Movies | 4:25
Ultimate Spider-Man | 4:54
Amazing Spider-Man | 5:27
’90s Animated Spider-Man | 5:57
Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends | 6:35
The Spectacular Spider-Man | 7:08
MCU Spider-Man | 7:45

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