What Great Movies Look Like Without Special Effects:

Most of us are curious that What Great Movies Look Like Without Special Effects Hollywood blockbusters have become increasingly reliant on visual effects over the past few decades, and recent advances in technology have made it so feats in VFX work that were considered impossible just a few years ago are now well within reach. More and more studios are using CGI in films, mostly because it’s often cheaper than the alternative. In fact, many modern blockbusters are covered in so many digital layers that the original footage looks unrecognizable—and more often than not, completely ridiculous. Here’s what these movies really looked like before special effects were added…

  • 300: Rise of an Empire | 0:32
  • Elysium | 1:11
  • Jurassic World | 1:41
  • Mad Max: Fury Road | 2:36
  • The Avengers | 3:12
  • Man of Steel | 4:08
  • Iron Man 3 | 4:44
  • Spider-Man: Homecoming | 5:40
  • The Jungle Book | 6:32
  • RoboCop | 7:20
  • The Martian | 7:49
  • Suicide Squad | 8:43
  • The Wolf of Wall Street | 9:35
  • San Andreas | 10:19

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