CGI Animated Saccage Short Film by Alexandre Boesch–brassens, Jonathan Breuer, Julie Mansuy, Nicolas Ocipski, Paul Gaulier, Samuel Ramamisoa, Sylvain Masson And William Rima. Featured on

In a futuristic Paris, S.A.M., a garbage collector robot, goes after a plastic bag. Ignoring all danger, he will cross Paris to maintain cleanliness in the city.

3D special effects: Alexandre BOESCH–BRASSENS, Jonathan BREUER, Julie MANSUY, Nicolas OCIPSKI, Paul GAULIER, Samuel RAMAMISOA, Sylvain MASSON and William RIMA.

Music and Sound Design: Victor DE LIPSKI, Louis FABRE, Rébecca LAUBIN, Nicolas LORION, Elissa MLEIEL and Vincent SERGENT

Short film Film Graduation Project
School: ISART DIGITAL, the video game and 3D animation / VFX School.

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