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Stephen King’s The Dark Tower has finally arrived in theaters after a long and complicated journey to the big screen. However, Hollywood’s latest attempt to launch a cinematic universe didn’t exactly go as planned: the movie was widely panned by critics, and opened to a disappointing $19.5 million haul. This was still good enough for first place, but the movie’s lackluster performance with critics and audiences can only be seen as a disappointment — for both the studio as well as for King fans who’d waited years to see the books brought to life. Here’s what went wrong with The Dark Tower’s big screen debut. And a friendly warning: spoilers for both the movies — and the books — lie ahead…

Source material misread | 0:36
Run time rut | 1:49
Filmmaking fracas | 2:52
Bad buzz | 3:50
Turning to TV | 4:36

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