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Project PERCEPTION NEURON brings you an adaptive and affordable Motion Capture System by using one of the world’s smallest IMU.

PERCEPTION NEURON could be used for different applications in the fields of VFX, game interaction, virtual reality, sport analysis, medical analysis, real-time stage performance and etc.

1. VFX : Motion recording and replaying; BVH and FBX format output supported for Maya, MotionBuilder, Blender and etc.

2. VR / Game interaction: Seamless integration with HMD with opensource game engine demos; Gesture control library included ; Bring ‘yourself’ into the virtual world.

3. Sport / medical analysis: Get all orientation, position, and raw acc and gyro data flow in real-time; free ‘Data-visualizer’ for data plotting and recording/comparison.

4. Stage performance: Real-time data stream output; Wireless data transmission.

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