The Observer Effect states that the very act of observation changes what we observe. If this is true, are their findings accurate?

How Scientists Can Slow Down Time –
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The Hawthorne effect
“The original purpose of the experiments was to study the effects of physical conditions on productivity. Two groups of workers in the Hawthorne factory were used as guinea pigs. One day the lighting in the work area for one group was improved dramatically while the other group’s lighting remained unchanged.”

Chimp Swats Down a Drone That Invades Its Airspace
“At a zoo in the Netherlands, a chimpanzee took umbrage at a drone invading its airspace and decided a bit of missile defense was in order. In footage released to Youtube that’s quickly racking up the view totals, the Royal Burgers Zoo resident, perched in a tree in his outdoor enclosure, spies the strange thing in the sky and simply swats it with a stick. Problem solved!”

Why You Shouldn’t Always Trust Science
“It turns out, a large number of published scientific papers range from problematic and confusing to downright misleading and falsified. A recent study published in Nature found that, over a ten-year period, the number of falsified scientific papers that had to be retracted had grown ten-fold.”


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